The Flash

This page will explore family dynamics by analyzing the life of a superhero… The Flash is an American action television series that first premiered on The CW Television Network in October 2014. This compelling television series is based of the DC Comics character, Barry Allen, who becomes the Flash when he gains the ability to move at superhuman speeds. Barry uses his abilities to fight crime and protect his loved ones, while disguising himself as a crime scene investigator during the day.

Photo of “The Flash”, a.k.a Barry Allen.

The Flash takes place in an American fictional city called “Central City”, which is featured in a variety of comics published by DC Comics. It begins by introducing Barry Allen, who seems like an ordinary forensic scientist with the same typical life as any normal person, besides the fact that his mother was mysteriously killed by a streak of yellow and red lightning when he was young. His father was framed for the death of his mother and was put in prison for a long time, so Barry was taken in by a good family friend Joe West. As if his life was not weird enough, one day while working in his lab, Barry is strike by lightning and is put into a coma. He wakes up nine months later with the help of a few individuals that work at S.T.A.R. labs, which happens to be where the cause of the lightning that struck Barry occurred. He soon becomes really good friends with all the people at S.T.A.R. labs and together, they discover that Barry has gained the ability to run at superhuman speed. They work to help Barry harness and strengthen his new powers, but also help him cope with the reality around him, ultimately becoming a family. With his newly acquired abilities, Barry dedicates his life to fight crime because he is determined to make a difference while trying to deal with the reality of his life. While out in Central City fighting crime and stopping bad guys, Barry realizes that there are others that were affected by the lightning and gained special abilities just as he did, called “metahumans”. Although, the villains are not the only thing that Barry struggles with because there are a bunch of other secret forces that wish to destroy his family and take away those that he loves. Barry is greatly conflicted with protecting the love of his life, Iris West, who happens to be the daughter of his second father basically. In trying to protect the ones he loves, Barry unintentionally hurts them and pushes them away, but everything seems to work out because they all stick together like the great family that they all are.

Although The Flash mainly contains a lot of action and crime-fighting, it does strongly emphasize the idea of family at some points of the show. The characters within this show face many challenges and hardships, but they always tend to get through everything with the help of each other. Barry’s family was ultimately taken away from him at a very young age, but he in a sense received a new one through Joe and the friends he gained at S.T.A.R. labs. The relationship that this group of friends is very much alike the relationship that a good family would have, meaning that family does not just mean your blood relatives, but it also means those really good friends who you truly care about and they truly care for you. They may all have a bunch of issues and difficulties amongst themselves, but they all deal with these issues together, which is something that a family does best.

The Flash season 1 trailer and first look into the show.