The Flash has been a great show that many have enjoyed because of the action and suspense that it is filled with, but it also offers insight on a few prominent issues that families face today. Every single character within the show faces issues because of their family and personal lives. Some people turn out to be very bad and evil such as Hunter Solomon (Zoom) because they never had any parental figures or guidance in their life to show them love and right from wrong. On the other hand, even though the main character, Barry Allen (the Flash), experienced much more traumatic events than Solomon did, he still matures to be a very responsible, and very caring young man because he had somebody that he could really trust raise and guide him. It is ironic to think that although Barry may be the fastest man alive, even he cannot outrun the challenges and hardships when dealing with issues within the family. This goes to show that a person does not need superpowers or gifts, they just need the supports and guidance of others to overcome and accomplish anything.

The Fastest Man Alive