Loss of a Parent

Although Barry Allen may be a superhero, he still feels and gets affected the same way from tragic events such as any normal person would. At a very young age, Barry witnessed the mysterious death of his mother, and the weight of that tragic event, is something that he will carry with him for the rest of his life. Such a terrible thing would drive anybody crazy and extremely damage them, which can be seen by observing Barry’s behaviors throughout the entirety of the show. To add even more to the burden that Barry has to carry, he also ends up witnessing the murder of his father right in front of him, which is something that no one could ever imagine going through.

Death of Barry's mother. "The Stubborn Flash" Quora.com: https://qph.ec.quoracdn.net/main-qimg-bf795323a2a1633ad8e1eb8186f74dc0-c
The death of Barry’s mother. “The Stubborn Flash”: Quora.com 

In all the seasons and various episodes, it is evident to see that Barry constantly struggles to accept and deal with the death of his mother. To make matters worse, his father was falsely blamed and taken away from him also. Barry often blames himself for the death of his mother and tries everything he can to change what happened that night. He even travels back to the past in an attempt to bring back his mother so they can live happily, and does so for some amount of time. But in doing so, Barry changes events in the present and it negatively affects the people that he cares about. So no matter what he does to try and change what happened he can’t, which is one of the most challenging things to accept when dealing with the loss of a parent. Despite losing both of his parents, Barry was lucky enough to be placed under the care of a really close family friend, Joe, who took wonderful care of Barry and raised him as his own. Being raised by an adequate adult, or in the case a great father-figure, is very important for children who have lost both parents. By looking at research done on male adolescents in Africa who have been orphaned by both parents, it is apparent that Barry’s character shows the same needs and feelings as other children in similar situations. “The participants indicated that they needed some form of parental support to grow up as responsible young men. This type of support will make it possible for them not to ‘feel lost’ when they are adults” (Kgomotso 98). Children who are orphaned by the loss of a parent or in this case, both parents, need to be taken in and raised by a strong parental figure in order to become a responsible adult. This need for good parenting can be seen by looking at the difference in the morality and behaviors between Barry and “Zoom”, or Hunter Solomon. Zoom like Barry, lost his parents at a young age, but he turned out much different than Barry did.

Zoom kills Henry Allen.
Zoom kills Barry’s father.

Zoom did not have anyone to guide him through his adolescent life and tell him right from wrong, so he turned out to be a bad guy and a murderer. Zoom ultimately tries to take everything good away from Barry because he was not able to have any of that growing up. He even kills Barry’s father in an attempt to turn Barry evil by destroying his life and reaping the anger and pain that is building inside Barry. Barry on the other hand, was raised by a great father-figure such as Joe, so he grew up to be responsible young man with great morals, which shows the importance of having a good parental figure in the life of children who have lost both parents.