The Middle

This page will discuss the main family in The Middle, the Hecks. The Middle is a television sitcom that premieres on ABC, which has recently been renamed FreeForm. The Middle is about a typical, lower- middle class family, in which both parents work to maintain a middle class social status. The article, “What is Middle Class?”, jumps into the statistical facts on middle class families. It is said that the annual income for a working-middle class family in the neighboring state, Louisville, Kentucky, is $42,700-$128,200 (Marshall, What is Middle Class?). This website will look deeper into the family, The Hecks, to see if they are an accurate and relatable depiction of an average, every day United States family.

The Heck family from the television sitcom The Middle.

This show takes place in the modern day time period in Orson, Indiana. The parents of the family are Frankie and Mike Heck. Frankie, the mother, is a hard working employee at the local car dealership who is always trying to take care of the kids and figure everything out. To her disliking, however, nothing really ever goes her way. Her husband Mike is a construction worker who is a more of a tells it how it is kind of guy with a very dry personality. He prefers to sit on the couch, watch sports, drink beer and let Frankie worry about the children. Together, they have three kids, Axl, Sue and Brick. Axl is the oldest son who is a typical jock. He enjoys roaming the house in his underwear and eating all of whatever is in the fridge when he returns from school.  He is always hanging out with his friends and likes to think he is a real ladies man. Sue is the only daughter, and also middle child, who basically fails at everything she tries to do. Whether it be trying out for a sports team or talking to a boy, she bombs it. She is very close with her mom and younger brother Brick. Brick is the outcast in his school and family for being a complete bookworm and always behaving in an odd fashion. His best friend is his backpack and he likes to repeat words he says under his breath after saying them which his parents can not figure out why. He also has a girlfriend, Cindy, who is equally as bazaar and shares the same interests as him.

This show focus’ on family in a humorous way. However, the writer ends each episode with a family-life lesson. The kids in the family fight with one another and get yelled at by their parents, while the parents do the best they can to make enough money to provide for the family.