The Heck Families Social Status

Even though the Heck family was not considered to be in poverty, they were definitely not understood as wealthy. “The experience of the low-income families seemed to indicate no set pattern of recovery” (Koos, Middle Class Family Crisis). This quote means that being apart of a lower-middle class family has the possibility that they will most likely never really move up on the social mobility scale. Knowing this is is the outcome for a majority of families, it could really take a toll and present more struggles. Therefore, likeliness of becoming even an upper-middle class family is slim to none since the entirety of the money both parents, Frankie and Mike Heck, make go directly to the needs of their three children, two of which are now enrolled in Indiana State University. the interests of U.S. working families are being ignored in the crisis.

Graph of the Dow Jones Industrial Average, depicting the 2008 United States financial crisis.

In another article I came across, it goes on to support the thesis of the Heck family being in a relatable financial situation. The article “Bail Out Working Families” goes into depth about the 2008 financial crisis of the United States. The author of this article, Thea Lee, explains h0w “the interests of U.S. working families are being ignored in the crisis” (Lee, Bail Out Working Families). By stating this, she means to say how the government was turning away from the majority of the population’s needs, and focusing more on the wealthy, upper-class families.

Going through financial hardships do not hinder the bonds of family members, but rather bring them closer together. It is prominently shown throughout The Middle that they stick together no matter what. During each episode there is usually a quarrel amongst either the three children or one of the children with a parent or friend. Each episode shows how to deal with common problems and always ends in a solution. The Middle illustrates how life is not always easy, but your family will always be there for you in the end.