This show emphasizes the idea that no matter what happens in life, your family will always be there for you at the end of the day. It portrays the parents in The Heck family to be very hard working, whether it be manually working two jobs, or being able to juggle working extremely long hours and then coming home and also being able to be good parents.

Left to Right; youngest son Brick Heck, oldest son Axl Heck.

The Middle illustrates that just because you have to work for what you have does not mean you can not make the best out of everything. This show also portrays the children to be somewhat ungrateful and lazy at times. For example, in a recent episode when Mike Heck opened up the pool for the summer (Adult Swim Episode 20 Season 8). Sue and Brick both sat on the couch all day, not wanting to go swimming, however they would not let their dad take it down. When Mike gave them the ultimatum of either using the pool or losing it, they still chose to not use it but instead spray each others hair with the faucet from kitchen sink to pretend they were in it. They realized soon after that that hey were taking what they had for granted. Some of the neighborhood kids came over one day and saw that they had a pool. The kids told Sue and Brick how jealous they were of them and how lucky they were to be able to have one of their own and not have to use the town pool. After hearing that, both Sue and Brick realized how happy this pool made them when they were that age and decided to give it to them. So after fighting with their dad throughout the episode, at the end the family sat down together for dinner and realized the good decision that they made when they heard the little kids playing, screaming and splashing in the pool all night.

The Middle has proven to be a prime example of the average United States family, as shown in many ways. Along with it being relatable, it also shows the viewers lessons on social class from throughout situational comedic history.