How does the dog fit in ?

Charles Muntz’s pack of dogs Left to Right -Alpha,Beta, Doug (middle) Gamma

Doug is the fun loving, sociable, talking dog who everyone loves… except the rest of his pack. The other dogs, Alpha, Beta, and Gamma all dislike Doug because is unlike the rest of them and cannot follow through with the missions they are given. While on a mission by himself he runs into Carl and Russell. He befriends them both and eventually becomes apart of the family. Doug is very happy with Carl and Russell but still feels an attachment to his pack, but he finally realizes that his pack does not like him. He soon leaves his pack behind to be with Carl and Russell and is extremely happy with them. Russell immediately takes a liking to Doug, and like any parent (segregate parent) Carl was hesitant to take in Doug. Carl eventually gives in and by the end of the movie Carl, Russell, and Doug live happily together. Doug brings Carl and Russell together and creates a family between the three of them. Studies show that dogs have a lot of positive affects on their owners. For example in the article Your pet and Your Health from Running and Fit News states” research shows the company of pets can ease loneliness”. It also states “research has shown that pets can reduce stress… Similarly, “therapy dogs” are routinely used nowadays to help treat a variety of psychological as well as physical conditions.” Dogs clearly are a positive addition to a family as a companion, stress reliever and a help with physical and psychological problems. Therefore, when Doug becomes part of Carl and Russell’s “family” he helps to take them away from the stresses of getting back home safely and also acts as a friend to both of them. Now that there is support by everyone, Carl, Russell and Doug are now happier more positive people. In conclusion, Doug becoming part of this Unconventional family has been very positive for everyone. Doug now has a place where he is loved and cared for properly, Carl has a companion to look out for and now wont be lonely, and Russell has a friend and someone to look out for that will make him happy .