Pixar’s History with Family

Pixar never fails to put out incredible children’s movies that we all look forward to seeing. Some examples are Finding Nemo, Toy Story, The Good Dinosaur, and Monsters Inc. These are all fantastic and like most Pixar movies they all share something in common. In all of these movies at least one parent is absent from the main character’s life. In Finding Nemo , Nemo’s mother dies before he is born and he grows up with just his dad. Also Dory got separated from both of her parents when she was young, so she lived her life without any parents at all. In the movie, Toy Story the real boy Andy only has a mother and his father is nowhere to be seen. Even the toys like Woody and Buzz don’t have families. In The Good Dinosaur, Arlo Loses his father to a massive flood and his mother becomes very ill, therefore he is basically on his own and this theme continues on with most other Pixar Films.

Poster for Pixars “The Good Dinosaur”

Why is the absence of parents a theme? Why not have a full present family;these are movies for children right? Although Pixar doesn’t always show a full family with both parents, it does show another type of family. They have these “unconventional” family types of relationships. For instance, a character may not have a parent or any parents but they have a close friend that acts or takes the place of a family member. A Good example is in the movie Up, where Carl has just lost his wife and has no family left. He is all alone until Russell comes along and they become friends. When this happens it’s as if Russel fills Carl’s “family” void and is a segregate grandson to him. It also works the other way around; since Russell does not have a father, Carl being a good friend of Russell’s now, is like his segregate father or grandfather. These new friendships provide the love and support they need that they would have had from their absent family members.


Carl and Russell