Plot and Character Breakdown

Carl’s House on its way to Paradise Falls

Pixar’s movie “Up”(2009) encompasses the main idea that “Adventure is out there” and that you should go out there and experience it. Up is a fantastic movie for the whole family and Director Publications states “It’s exciting, it looks delightful, it plucks the heart strings, and it features some of Pixar’s funniest ever comedy”. The Movie starts out with the main character Carl when he was a young boy. He eventually meets this young girl who also shares his love of adventure. Soon he would find out she would be the love of his life. They eventually get married becoming Carl and Ellie Fredrickson and they live their lives together until one day where Ellie passes away. Carl is left all alone, until a young Boy Scout shows up at his door wanting to help him(Russell). The next day Carl is threatened to be put in a nursing home so in retaliation he decides to live out Ellie and his dream of going to Paradise Falls. In doing so, he ties millions of balloons to the top of his house and goes up into the sky all the way to South America accompanied by Russell. Carl and Russell experience many adventures on the way and in South America, eventually bonding and becoming so close as if they were family. Carl and Russell share a special relationship and meet a few friends along the way.


Character Breakdown

Carl Fredrickson – is a 78 year old who’s wife has just passed away. He is a grouchy old man who dislikes everyone. He has a love for adventure and has ever since he was a kid. To live out his wife’s and his dream he fly’s his house all the way to South America using balloons( accompanied by Russell). They experience many difficult situations together and Carl learns to open up, be kind, and love again. They become very close to where Carl feels as if Russell is his grandson, and attends his Boy Scout meeting at the end of the movie.

Ellie Fredrickson– is the wife of Carl Frederickson. They had met each other when they were young and bonded over their love of adventure and Paradise Falls. They eventually got married and tried to have children but unfortunately, she was unable. Later in their lives she becomes very ill and right before she passes away she gives Carl her adventure book from their youth to remember her and their love of adventure.

Russell– is an 8 year old Boy Scout who shows up at Carl’s house to earn his “assisting the elderly” badge. He does not leave Carl alone until he gets that patch and one day is accidentally still on his porch when it is up in the air. As they spend this time together Russel treats Carl as his father figure or grandfather rather, because his is absent from his life. They share a very special and loving relationship until the very end.

Doug – is a talking dog who belongs to Charles Muntz and is apart of a small pack. He doesn’t really fit in with the other dogs and constantly gets bullied by them. He eventually meets up with Carl and Russell and joins their little family.

Kevin – a rare bird that lives in Paradise Falls. Charles Muntz is after him to bring him back to show everyone back home but Carl and Russell save him, and he becomes friends with them.

Charles Muntz -is an old man who is Carl’s hero. He traveled to Paradise Falls when Carl was younger and found the bones of a rare bird but everyone claimed they were fake, so he traveled back with his pack of dogs to find this bird and bring it back. He comes across Carl and Russell but when he finds out that they want Kevin he goes after they and tries to kill them both. He and his pack of dogs are defeated by Carl and Russell in the end.