Backstory of the Thieving Family

Before this true test of the bonds that these characters had formed with each other, there were three separate thrill-seeking, treasure-hunting epic adventures. Each of these adventures tested the bonds between the characters, as well as testing the lengths of their morality, altruism and skills as they were constantly outnumbered and outgunned in every conflict that they came across. Their seemingly constant positions as the ones underfire, surviving by the smallest of margins, at nearly every occasion quickly lead to good natured camaraderie and no small amount of witty banter between the lovable characters that will never agree to running away from a chance to save the world from the threats that ancient artifacts present to it of the superiorly dangerous variety present to it. In these past adventures the witty thieves have discovered treasures like El Dorado, Shangri-La, and The Atlantis of the Sands. Along the way they are confronted by countless puzzles and clues to solve, treasure-seeking armies, greedy crime lords, deceitful mercenaries, power-hungry warlords, and Illuminati-ish organizations, but with their friends standing at their shoulders they always make it out alive, a little bruised, beaten and bloody sure but alive all the same, which is impressive considering the resources that were stacked against them. Ultimately, it was their ability to go to each other and trust each other’s skills to have their backs when things went sideways, because things always go sideways with them, sometimes upside down, backwards and in loops, but rarely easily forward.