Family Socialization for Nate Drake

The Family Socialization that occurred for Nate and Sam Drake started, obviously, well before the games really showed them to the audience that played it. The boys’ mother was a historian and ancient text translator working all over the world to find new historical discoveries for different collector and archaeologists. The boys learned much from their mother that would aid them in their adventures including how to speak and read Latin and how to properly document everything you found so that everything was recorded. She also instilled in them the most important quality that they would ever truly have on their journeys, and that was their curiosity and tenacity when it came to uncovering the truth. She left them with sayings such as “well that is what history tells us, but history can be wrong you know.” Her passing left the boys shaken as they were shipped off to a catholic boarding school by their father who wanted nothing to do with them. From then on, the brothers rubbed off on each other, imparting bits of wisdom about how to uncover ancient mysteries or how to survive as orphans on the streets while they pursued their interests in the ancient and strange things left around the world.