Friend and Morality for Nathan Drake

The first idea of examination for the protagonist of Uncharted is the effect of friends and their moralities on us as people. As the friends and morality article states ” John Cottingham notes ” Friends and loved ones are special to us; we do not, and should not, assess their interests from the cold detached standpoint of the impartial observer, for to do so would be a repudiation of love”” (1). This is not the full quote but the gist of it is there. John Cottingham believe, like many people that the people we call our friends have tremendous pull on how we see the world. We will not rationally approach any situation that our friends feel strongly about from a severely detached perspective. It is in our nature that we will group up and protect the people we care about, whether that is a friends life or their belief. The point of interest in this instance is how Nathan Drake is effected by the moralities and interests of his friends. Ultimately, the people Drake meets are fundamentally different in the ways that they go about presenting the things that they want and how to make it seem worthwhile. Sully, appeals to Nathan’s  sense of adventure and his companionship with him to motivate him to help in certain situations, Elena prods at Nate’s sense of humanity and decency as her crusade-like ambitions are normally along a sort of moral high ground, while Sam pries at the family bond that the two share using shared history to get his points across. So, in working with these people Nate allows himself to begin to focus on the specific goals of his friends as he continues through his adventures, allowing his friends to shape his interests as he moves through life.