Impression Management of Nathan Drake

In the story, Nate is often faced with wandering moral compasses that pass by around him, this does not make his job very easy as his actions and the choices he makes will have adverse effects not only on himself but also on the people he cares about. So, he often claims himself as adaptable in the sense that he overcomes the problems that occur as they happen. This can also be extended to how he approaches his moral decision-making processes, often changing the points of most importance based on who he is around. When Drake is around Sully, he takes on the demeanor of a well-trained operative making sure that his mannerisms, although interspersed with wisecracks, is largely professional making sure that he is at the top of his game, so as to prove to his mentor that he is good at what he does and uses what he was taught well. While Elena is around, the charismatic treasure hunter lets his altruistic side loose, he seems hell-bent, at times, on making sure that no one else is in danger, and gets himself kicked, punched, shot at, blown up and bruised in more places than should be possible all for the sake of helping other people get out of difficult and dangerous situations. He does not always succeed at helping these people but he does give it his best efforts. While Sam Drake is around, Nate is determined and enthusiastic, his optimism shining through more than anything in order to offset his easily frustrated brother’s demeanor and keep the group moving and on-task instead of wallowing in doubt and pity.