Look at Elena Fisher

Elena Fisher was introduced to the series before even Sully was as the resourceful reporter that was smart and tough enough to stand up next to jaded con men such as Sully and Nate. Elena has been a part of every adventure Drake has had and is always his primary concern as log as she is around. The reporter met Nathan and his colleague at that moment Chloe Fraser in the middle of a civil war battle in the middle of Nepal while searching for a maniacal warlord believed to have been kill in a bombing in Russia, the two thieves went off to the side to have a private conversation which started when Chloe said “well I certainly never pegged you for the white picket fence type” provoking Nate to respond “Oh, whatever, besides she’s tougher than she looks” (“They’re Coming With Us”). Elena is Nate’s equal in every way but one, when it comes down to it she is more determined to follow through than he is and she never has the urge to put herself before others. Of course, because of this complete altruism Elena has been held hostage several times and blown up by a grenade from about 4 feet away, but that is neither here nor there. The important part of her interaction with Drake, besides being the love interest that he always seems to return to,  is that she always brings out the hero in him. When she is around Nate he always manages to find the strength to continue into the most dangerous situations and try to stop the world-ending events from occurring, he also becomes completely focused on keeping other people safe when things get dangerous if she is around.