Look into Victor “Sully” Sullivan

Victor Sullivan is the long-time friend and mentor to the story’s protagonist Nathan Drake. Sully has been a con man for at least 40 years and although he has always stood by Nate and his adventures he can be a bit tricky at times. Nate’s older brother Sam brings his issues with the old veteran to light in a conversation with Nate as he exclaims “what if he take the treasure himself?” to which Nathan replies “not in a million years” causing Sam to ask ” Victor Sullivan? We are talking about the same Victor Sullivan here, correct? He has screwed over people before.” prompting Nathan to retort ” yes, but not us.” “No” Sam replies to this “Not you.”(“Once A Thief…”)┬áSully is a loyal friend but can usually be finicky with your ability to trust him if you are not one of his friends. The effect that Sully has on┬áNate is similar to a boss that is very close with his employees. Sully has taught Nate most of what he knows, and when he is around Nate seems to be at the top of his game, coming up with the most ingenious plans, being the most determined piece in any arsenal and being completely focused on the money to be made or treasure to be found in the efforts they make. With Sully around Nate also gets a rare opportunity to be the one to pursue what he wants as he is normally going after the interests of others when he is with them but with Sully he seems to be able to focus on the things he wants for himself, creating a certain form of what seems like selfishness and determination that normally isn’t seen in the seemingly natural altruistic hero.