Botwin Background

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Judah Botwin, Mary-Louise Parker as Nancy Botwin, Hunter Parrish as Silas Botwin and Alexander Gould as Shane Botwin in Weeds (Season 1, Episode 2). – Photo: Peter Iovino/SHOWTIME – Photo ID: WEEDS102_00433

Since the show begins a few weeks after Judah’s death, not much is known about what the Botwin family was like before this tragedy. From what is mentioned, the family of five was fairly normal and seemed to fit in perfectly in the affluent town of Agrestic. They had friends all over town, were involved in the school system, and went to their children’s sporting events. Throughout the series, some other small pieces of their life beforehand were revealed. The main piece of information discovered is that Judah was a rollercoaster engineer. We already knew that the family depended on this salary to live their wealthy lifestyle but now their affluent lifestyle makes sense. Although she may sell drugs, Nancy is still a typical mom. She brings her kids to soccer games and is the “head of [the] healthy children’s committee” (Kohan “You Can’t Miss the Bear”) in the Parent-Teacher Association. Silas and Shane, Nancy’s two boys, do exactly what you would think kids and teens do. They play soccer, date girls, stay out late, and of course cause problems for their parents. They were just an average little family living their lives like everyone else was, but Judah’s death ended up changing everything for his family.