Drug Dealing

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Drug dealing is not the most family friendly job for a mother of two to have. Throughout the series, Nancy puts herself and her family in danger many times. She is constantly “jockeyed against competitors, gangs and drug lords” (Roisin) and at one point, “she was fired at during a drive-by shooting,” (Roisin) and that is not even the half of it. Finally, she comes to the realization that “the downside of this business is death” (Kohan “Lude Awakening”). If she gets into business with the wrong people, she could easily endanger herself and her family. Many other dealers that Nancy had gotten involved with threatened to kill her family on many different occasions.

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At the end of season three, Nancy (indirectly) ends up causing a huge wildfire in Agrestic and decides to leave town before any suspicion grows arounds her. This is a huge change for her kids to be uprooted from their home they have lived in their entire life and shipped off to a brand-new town called Ren Mar. This same thing happened in season five when the family got into trouble with a Mexican drug lord. They had to flee from Ren Mar and change their identities so that the men attempting to kill them would have a harder time tracking them down. “Nancy’s actions often turn out to be self-defeating” (Roisin) especially in terms of her family. These are only a few examples of how Nancy’s involvement in the drug dealing industry has caused huge stressors for her family by endangering all of their lives.