Extended Family and Friend Involvement

Justin Kirk – Andy Botwin

One of the main causes as to why the Botwin family dynamics began to change was that Andy Botwin, “a charming ne’er-do-well… shows up to sponge off his sister-in-law [Nancy] and cause trouble” (Stanley). As the series continues, he becomes an important member of the family and acts as a father figure for Silas and Shane. He is there for them when Nancy is not and teaches them things Nancy cannot. He helps the family through some very difficult times throughout the series and is always around when Nancy needs him.

Kevin Nealon – Doug Wilson

Agrestic Councilman Doug Wilson, Nancy’s accountant, close friend, and eventual employee, also becomes an addition to the Botwin family. He shows up after losing his council position, his wife, his kids, his home, essentially his everything, and follows the family around. In some cases, he acts a father figure but a majority of the time he acts more like another child in the family. He mainly causes more problems for the Botwin’s who already have enough issues on their hands. But even though he is a trouble maker, they treat him as family anyway. Having these male influences in their lives change Silas and Shane’s perspectives on life after their father passed. These additions to the family create an unconventional, yet totally relatable family.