Financial Issues

According to the American Journal of Community Psychology, “absence of a husband in the household can have numerous consequences for the single mother including diminished economic well-being,” (McLoyd and Wilson 420). Judah’s salary provided the only source of income for the family since Nancy did not have a job. So, when he died, Nancy had to find a way to support her and her family’s lifestyle. Based on what is seen in the show, Agrestic, California is a wealthy upper-middle class neighborhood so we, as viewers, can assume that the cost of living was fairly high. Not only that, but Nancy has two kids living in the house, both of whom were still in school. Shane was too young to get a job and Silas was busy with school so they were not able to go out and easily get jobs to help with the family’s financial issues. Nancy’s trouble causing brother-in-law, Andy, also moved in with the family which also increased costs, especially since he did not bring any financial support for the family either. The thought of not having a steady income puts a huge stress on Nancy which causes the rest of the family to worry as well.