Shane Botwin

Alexander Gould – Shane Botwin

Shane may have been younger but he was still incredibly influenced by the death of his father. He been bullied by kids his age since the beginning of the series. Kids would call him “orphan boy” (Kohan “You Can’t Miss the Bear”), “strange Botwin” (Kohan “Lude Awakening”), and other names after his father passed. Toward the end of season one, we see Shane really begin acting out. “He shot a mountain lion, he wrote a gangster rap, now he’s making terrorist videos,” (Kohan “Dead in the Nethers”) Nancy says as she is discussing how to handle Shane’s twisted behavior. Andy tries to justify his behavior by explaining that all boys his age act like this and that it is just his way of looking for attention but Nancy is not so sure. Shane’s response to his bad actions… “my therapist says I’m just acting out ‘cause my dad’s dead,” (Kohan “Lude Awakening”). This is not even the worst of it. Shane’s bad behavior continues with him biting a kid’s foot at his karate competition. He also starts a fire in his school because the reenactment of Moses and the burning bush was “totally unrealistic” (Kohan “The Punishment Lighter”). Later in the series, Shane begins “seeing” Judah and thinks he is able to have conversations with him. He also becomes an alcoholic and ends up killing a woman. Although he does this in order to save his mother and the family, it still is a huge indicator of the psychological issues implemented in him from the death of his father.