Silas Botwin

Silas Botwin – Hunter Parrish

Silas, being the older son and knowing his father longer, took Judah’s death extremely hard. While he did not talk about it much, his actions showed his distress of the situation. He beings doing all sorts of drugs and is escorted home by the police one night for doing ecstasy. Around the same time, his girlfriend, Megan, gets accepted into Princeton and instead of supporting her and her goals, he intentionally impregnates her by poking holes in their condoms. Shortly after, he decides to drop out of school and does not even graduate high school. After Megan is shipped off, away from Silas, Silas lashes out and steals security cameras and “Drug-Free Zone” signs from the town and ends up getting arrested. At the same time, he learns about his mother’s dealing business and desperately wants in on it. So, to get his mother’s attention, he steals her entire supply of weeds she had locked away and disappears for a few days with it. As he gets older, he gains control of his emotions and begins acting less ill-behaved.