4. Hypertext Poetry

The genre I chose is hypertext poetry. Hypertext Poetry is part of the larger genre digital poetry. What I have found so far, partially on one of the sources Dr. Lang provided us, is that that the format of a hypertext poem is set up using links from words and lines, always from the primary text of the poem. These links help define and expand the idea or ideas in the text. Because of these links, Hypertext Poetry allows the audience to have a more interactive experience with the poem.

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What I’ve found most  interesting so far is what Danah Henrikson says in Poetry and Hypertext, “One significant feature of hypertext writing is in the fact that the author must write specifically for the nature of the medium.” This “feature” as she refers to it makes me think of “Among the Audience” where Andrea A. Lunsford and Lisa Ede talk about how the implementation of PWR at Standford students in the time constraint has to spend more time on the medium and its design rather than the actual writing aspect. This makes me wonder if by creating a genre like Hypertext Poetry, if the writing itself is losing importance as the texts become more interactive.

My challenges so far like Vivian and Jordyn said is finding information that is too vague for a wiki entry. On a lot of the sources I have found, there is the same information being repeated again and again, which is usually about the format of hypertext poetry.

This project seems to connect with my Introduction to Creative Nonfiction course. Over the duration of this semester I have learned a lot about the genre conventions of creative nonfiction, especially sense I have had no experience with the genre before now. I haven’t had any experience with writing or reading hypertext poetry, and my research so far has been  establishing this genre in much different way then Creative Nonfiction. Also both genres are generally new in popularity.

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