Commonly Creative Landscapes

I chose Landscape as my keyword to search in the Creative Commons.  I was expecting to see panoramic vistas of landscapes from places I hadn’t been.  To my surprise, a large number of the photos I found seemed to be landscapes that other people had drawn.  They were artistic drawings and other wallpaper-esque images.  However, some of them don’t quite make sense to hold the keyword Landscape.  

For example, this picture was one of the first few to come up.  While, I understand that the background of this photo can be deemed a landscape, I’m not sure that this should qualify as a landscape image.  Interestingly enough, the first image to be an actual photo of a landscape is the 3rd photo, and it feels almost like a stock photo you would find on a log-in screen of a Windows computer.

A good benefit of the creative commons is the free access to an incredibly wide variety of images.  These images can be used for a huge range of purposes.  However, the limitations are mainly that this wide variety of pictures might be hard to actually find something useful.  With such a wide variety under a single tag, the tag could potentially be misleading to someone looking for something specific.