7) Pitch: Interactive Imagery

To be honest, I did not have many ideas when we first started discussing this project. I originally wanted to turn one of my short shorts into an interactive create-your-own mystery game. However, after trying to find a somewhat usable website to create the game, I could not find any site that would do exactly what I wanted or would fit the criteria for this project. I then wanted to turn one of my short shorts or even one of my poems into a video, but then realized that 1. I do not have the time, skills, or technology to create a video, 2. I am in no way a good poet, and 3. that would cause me more stress than I can handle at the moment. In addition to these ideas, I also had the “eh” ideas that eventually turned into the “no way” ideas I knew I would not want to do. These included more video options like turning my short short into a video, and I also thought about turning the short short into an interactive poem. I don’t even know how that would’ve happened.

I finally discovered the website Genial.ly where the user can create anything from video presentations and interactive images, to games, quizzes, and maps. I looked through a few of these options (and after being slightly overwhelmed by the sudden amount of options I was presented) I decided that I wanted to turn my short short (entitled Photographs) into an interactive series of images. In the end, I believe it will resemble a slide show, but can also be an in depth short story with different options and views.

The purpose of my choice is to remix a text to make it enjoyable and useful for other audiences besides its original one. I also want to give my piece a new home, rather than having it live on my computer (or mixed with the four other stories in my 1st semester fiction portfolio) forever.

The audience for the interactive imagery is fiction readers (as it is a fictional story) who want more than simply reading text on a page. This way, they are able to read text and are also able to visualize the scene through selected images and slides. They can also interact with it as well through the different animation icons inserted on the page.

I believe I will use all modes we have discussed in this project. The visual mode will be used through the images and the linguistic mode will be used through the text of the story. It is also gestural through the animation of each image (where the readers can choose to read the text) and spatial in the structure of the “presentation” where each image follows another in order. I hope to find a way to use music or sound effects and so I’m hoping the aural mode will be used as well. The media I am using are the website Genial.ly to create the images, and my short short, which I will edit to fit this project, as my print text to be remixed. 

word count: 519

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