7. Text Based Adventures

My first idea will be to create a text based adventure from a story that I have written.  The purpose of this idea will be to expand the chosen universe and allow the reader to interact with the world being created.  The audience of this text will simply be anyone who enjoys text-based adventures or anyone who is invested in the story long enough to follow through the with adventure.  The project will be coded within the language, Python, and will largely consist of If/than statements and other conditionals.

The other idea is still being formulated, but is still a workable idea.  I would like to take a story I’ve written and attempt to transform it into a digital design, in such a program like Photoshop, GIMP.  This idea will be designed for actually anybody, as the story will ideally be accessible solely through visual representation and images.  The media of the project will simply be a written text transposed into photoshop and one image.  The issue with this idea however will be the level of interactivity within this project, as a result this is the backup idea.

Currently, I am leaning towards creating a text adventure.  This idea sounds very interesting and I feel it could hold a lot of potential.  The success of this idea depends on how much Python I actually remember, but I am confident I will be able to do it as the code should be rather straight forward with just a large amount of Print statements.  In the coming few days to a week, I will redownload Python and mess around with coding to see whether I can still do it. If not, I will move towards the digital design idea. If that is the idea I go with, I will redownload GIMP and begin to fiddle with the story elements of the story I’m going to use & and see what I can do with the program and how it can represent the story



Word Count: 330