9: My Remix!

Here’s the link! https://drive.google.com/open?id=198TezDWEWrJzx8vVMRpfK0MNnRfGugor&usp=sharing

For my remix, I used photos and travel notes from my study abroad last year to create a travel writing essay broken up with points on a map. I used these texts because when I’ve tried to share study abroad stories, place has been important—I thought if I label the areas on the map with the bits of essay related to them, it would add a spatial dimension to the essay, a part that I know and that can’t really be conveyed to a larger audience just through description of that place. I think my audience would be people interested in travel writing or in the city of St. Petersburg. The purpose would be to share the experiences I had with people who haven’t been there. I think if I were to circulate it, I would make a website to embed the map on—I based my project in part on this site, which I found and used while I was abroad.