My Pitch

So I’m not sure exactly what I want to do but one idea I have is to use a short story I wrote last semester called “Endurance”, which goes back and forth between two time periods in running and hockey scenes. I have some ideas as to make this a transmedia storytelling but nothing is completely thought out.

One medium I could uses is to take the original text and to add more interactive pieces. The piece uses a lot of musical diction within the running scenes and I could use hyperlinks or pictures to better explain those concepts. However, I will probably leave the original text alone and put it into a different platform.

For the second part of my project I will probably make a comic that further develops the narrative. There is a scene that is hinted at in the piece of an interaction between the protagonist and their hockey coach. However, even though it is an important scene it might not work as a comic because it isn’t highly action based. This would incorporate a visual and spatialĀ  mode.

I don’t know what I’m going to do with the third part. Because there are two narratives so I might split them apart in a series of images. But the purpose of the piece focuses on a verbally abusive coach, so I might look into a few articles and videos and remix those together to emphasize that portion and bring more attention to it.

I don’t have an intended audience yet or even a clear purpose. I might make it focus on the affect of verbally abusive coaches on adolescents and draw attention to the emotional impact. I might make a website to put all of these ideas in, however I am not sure what platforms I’m going to use. There are too many things that just aren’t decided.