Transmedia Pitch

Let’s Really Talk

Since we returned to school this semester, I had a desire to document my last days here at Susquehanna. America is in a unique time where we have the language to discuss socio-political issues, yet the post-racial and liberal rhetoric minimizes and offends the problems of the marginalized. This transmedia project would give me a platform to leave Susquehanna with the knowledge that I got to create and control my own narrative, and that the school is doing the bare minimum in creating a campus of “diversity and inclusion”.

I will start with 4 panels on recurring issues that plague Susquehanna. Two of them are already decided, which are “Ben Shapiro/Allyship and The N-Word”. I will record them, but I just might also stream it on Facebook Live so people can tune in in real time. I also want to create a Soundcloud playlist that encapsulates the feeling for me living here, and then finally I want to have an open-mic with students from marginalized communities. My audience is anyone who will listen. I will promote it to every single department because this is a campus-wide issue.

To create my project, I have the panels set up already with LensFlare to create, and use IMovie to edit the footage. For the playlist, I can use Soundcloud/Spotify/Youtube to create the playlist to avoid copyright issues. And finally the photo campaign can be published to Instagram, and the hashtag can be applied to any social platforms.

All of this content would be accessible to people even if they don’t have an account with youtube, instagram or Facebook. The desire for them to access it would just have to be there.

My overall goal is that administration create more honest and open dialogue and create change here. This will also help me with expressing myself as these issues are not unique to Susquehanna.