15: Reflexshun

Going into the class, I expected the class to be more about the history of digital publishing or what constitutes digital publishing.  I did not expect the class to place as much focus on the creation of my own digital media.  I was hoping, going into this class, that it would provide me with some insight about the publication of interactive media such as Video Games, as that is the direction I would like to take my future.  In retrospect, it makes a lot of sense that an ENGL class would have less focus on Video games than more ‘literary’ forms.  However, we definitely did meet my expectation of our discussing what digital media is.

I would say that my biggest takeaway from the class comes from the Transmedia and Remix projects.  These projects made me realize that my own written work, in which I tend to have very little confidence, is far more applicable to other forms of media than I ever expected.  It also helped me to dig deeper into stories that I have written.  In both my transmedia and remix projects, I uncovered parts of the story that I hadn’t even known about while writing the story originally.

The only real thing I would change about the course would be the timing and scheduling of the projects.  Specifically with the Transmedia and portfolio projects.  The two projects overlapped with their due dates and work times and as a result could make students far more anxious about the projects than they already are.