12: Hypertext

April 17, 2018 Kiera Bertrand 0

I never used to think much about hypertext. But then I started to produce digital media, causing me to realize the importance of hypertext. Hypertext […]

12. Hypertext

April 16, 2018 Molly Aiudi 0

The hypertext in itself has components to it that are very different from the traditional format we have with print publishing. As Jordyn talks about […]

12: Hypertext

April 16, 2018 Christina Joell 0

In the article Reading on Screen: The New Media Sphere, Christian Vandendorpe describes hypertext as “a way of linking any portion of a document to […]

12: Hypertext

April 13, 2018 taylorjp 0

I was first introduced to hypertext when scrolling through countless Wikipedia sites (of course), one after another until giving up because the topic was no […]

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12: Hypertext

April 11, 2018 bauers 0

In this post I will be using TV Tropes as a case study of the benefits and drawbacks of hypertext. “Nelson first published the term […]

4. Hypertext Poetry

February 19, 2018 Molly Aiudi 0

The genre I chose is hypertext poetry. Hypertext Poetry is part of the larger genre digital poetry. What I have found so far, partially on […]