The halfway point

As I woke up today I realized that today was day eight of the GO trip, the halfway point. I didn’t view it as the trip being half over with less and less days to spend in the Czech Republic but instead I view it as eight more days with friends on a once in a lifetime trip.

Today we went to a forum theater (which encourages members of the audience to swap roles with actors whose characters are being oppressed in a scene and interact with the other actors seeking a solution to their situation) workshop at IQ Roma and met with Lenka and Ondrej and did a series of fun activites, such as; creating dances to the tune of our first names then grouping up in fours to make oné collective dance and tune, a sort of variation of Marco Polo but with noises we would find in a forest and splitting off into pairs and follow our partners hand with our nose. While it was super awkward, it was fun nonetheless.

IQRoma 5/24/17

After our lunch break we did more activities, this time focusing more on oppression as an overarching theme of the activities. While the activities were about oppression we were able to enjoy them and by the end we realized the true effect that theater can have, as emotions ran high.

We then wrote poems about how we felt about scenes we constructed and acted out in front of everyone

Afterwards my friends and I went to an Irish pub, named St. Patrick’s. We had a good time talking about movies and comics over chicken sandwiches and beer before calling it a night. I look forward to the rest of the trip, even though we have reached the halfway point.

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