Just Clowning Around

Today marked our last night in the beautiful city of Brno. The day was jam packed with fun workshops and activities. We began our day with a Clowning Workshop. Most of us didn’t really know what to expect, but it certainly wasn’t what we got. We began the workshop by doing simple stretches and exercises. Running around, doing leaps and jumps, etc…

After that we moved on to a more mental game in which we had to work together to clap to 20. The hard part was that no two people could clap at the same time (spoiler alert: We did it!!). The next step in the program involved a lot of rolling around on the floor and dancing. Overall it was tons of fun. The space itself felt very safe and I, as well as many others, was not afraid to let loose and be myself.

After the workshop we got the amazing opportunity to work with Roma children who come from unfortunate backgrounds. While we were not told the specifics of their situations we knew that we needed to have as much fun with these kids as possible. They go to a program that helps do this every day. The organizers of the program also taught us some of the cool circus tricks that they teach to the kids. The whole experience was very fun and refreshing. We have been running around so much these past few days that getting to run around with young kids was a welcomed change.

To top off the day we had the rare opportunity to see a Czech theatre group perform a style of theatre called Playback Theatre. Since this kind of theatre involves audience participation we were really able to get involved with the show. With our help, the actors were able to re-enact a version of a story we had just told them about ourselves. For example, when I told them about our day learning circus tricks in Prague, they re-created my story on stage using just their body’s and sound effects (which they also made).

The entire day was truly incredible. From start to finish we never stopped moving (or laughing). I cannot wait to see all the amazing things that Česky Krumlov will bring!

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