Czech Point: Cesky Krumlov

Dobry den from Česky Krumlov! After a lovely three days in Brno, it was time for our group to move onto a new city in the Czech Republic.  After a long and bumpy bus ride full of beautiful views and snacks from Ed, we reached our new destination: Česky Krumlov. The moment we stepped off of the bus, I fell in love with this new place. The weather was perfect for a day of travel, and we were dropped off right by an outlook where we could get a good look at the city. We dragged our suitcases through the cobblestone streets of center city and into our new home, Hotel Vitek, where we were greeted by an adorable dog who was strikingly similar to one our professor from home has. We then were able to have some free time before our tour of the city, so I went with a small group to have lunch at a restaurant on the river. We were able to watch dogs and children play in the water, and also see men wearing no shirt and a tie ride down on rafts. The streets of Česky Krumlov are full of little shops and stores with unique souvenirs, such as hand painted candles and wood carvings. We spent hours just walking in and out of the shops, each having a new surprise for us. After grabbing some delicious ice cream and taking some selfies with Anna (it’s her new favorite pastime), we headed back to the hotel to gather for our tour.

When it was time for our guided tour to begin, we were greeted by a very polite Czech man named Stanislav, or Stan the Man. He immediately fit in with our group by making jokes and fitting in with our light hearted group. As soon as he took us out of the hotel and into the city square, we were greeted by the biggest surprise of all: President and Marsha Lemons.

Our entire group was shocked and so happy he was joining us, and Ed and Anna were proud they had kept the secret this whole time. Stan continued to walk us around the city, taking us to a church, a beautiful lookout, a bridge and a castle.

The city is very small, which means we will be able to see most of it in the short time we are here. Much time was spent snapping photos along the way, and he even told us a scary story about the bridge in town. At our final stop, the castle, there is a moat in which bears are able to roam around (I really thought Ed made this up) but sadly they were too shy to appear.

After we said bye to the fabulous Stan, President Lemons treated us all to a wonderful dinner and dessert, where we all shared stories of our trip to far, our favorite moments and memories, and he shared some stories of commencement which none of us were able to attend, and other stories of his travels this week. We spend over 3 hours at this dinner, just enjoying the company of each other, and I was able to catch up with others on the trip that I hadn’t been able to talk with as much. The trip up to this point has been so eye opening and unique, and this city may be my favorite place we’ve been so far. I am beyond thrilled to see what the next day brings here, and our remaining time in Prague. Until then, Na Shledanou!

Bekah Krumenacker


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