Is this a fairytale?

We started the morning eating a rather bland breakfast. Most of us really only went for the coffee. After a very light breakfast we walked to the castle for our tour. The castle is very steep. We were all waking up while waiting for our tour guide. For 10am on a Saturday morning the entrance way to the castle was quite packed with tourists.

I have always been a fan of tours where you can see how people lived. We entered the castle and quickly realized we couldn’t take pictures. The guide started by saying that he had no clue when castle was built. The castle was originally the home for lords and was passed through multiple families.

The first room we saw on the tour was castle chapel. We then went to Renaissance Hall which featured many portraits of the time. The guide shared that there are many historical mistakes in these portraits. I found this intriguing because the clothes of the lords did not match the time.

We then ventured into the apartments. The apartments were the living quarters of the lords. They are extravagantly decorated. We walked past incredible frescos in great halls. The frescos were very well preserved.

The first rooms we saw were the rooms of the Rosenberg’s. We then moved to time of Edinburg’s. Which was also extravagant in its own right. The guide then shared the strange fact that every bear that lived in the mote surrounding this castle now is preserved in the castle.

As we continued the tour the rooms became more and more extravagant. We then entered the ball room which really took me back. It was actually a masquerade room. The room was used for balls, plays, concerts and much more. The guide discussed the importance of wing symmetrical in the ball room before abruptly ending the tour.

Following the tour of the castle we went on a tour of baroque theater. The theater had no pictures but was beautiful and cold. This was built by the Edinburg family. The theater was rebuilt by the family that followed to be a baroque theater. The guide announced that they had an almost a complete collection. There were attempts to restore the theater in the 60s. Our guide showed us how the noise machines works and trap doors.


After our tour we walked to a garden. The walk to the garden was a hike up hill but worth it. My sandal was a victim of the streets of Český Krumlov while walking back down this hill.

After running back to the hotel for a quick change we ran back out for a day of lunch and shopping for our loved ones. As we walked the streets we quickly realized that Český Krumlov is a town that is very easy to see in the sense that you really only need a day to see it.

Following a quick break, we all headed back out to a cafe called Kolek. We drank some tea and had some girl time. While we were sitting and talking we ran into our CIEE guide, Zuzska who also joined in on our conversation. We talked about a variety of things and continued the conversation into dinner. After dinner we all went our separate ways before traveling back to Prague tomorrow.

Jackie Bauer

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