Goodbye Cesky Krumlov, Hello Prague

Today we had to leave the magical town of Česky Krumlov to head back to Prague for the last part of our adventure. The day started with breakfast at the hotel and then checking out before going to explore the town one last time.

Some of us ended up at a crepe place in town for a late breakfast and early lunch. The food was amazing and we also got some sunrise Trdelnik! 

After our brunch we wandered around the town and ended up sitting along the river until it was time to go to the bus station. It was the perfect way to end our time in such a beautiful place.

The highlight of the day was Ed finally getting the hat he has been talking about for so long! I’m hoping it will be at GO class every week! 

Traveling around here had been one of the best things for me, I love getting to see more of the country traveling between places. There were many times when it was just yellow flowers for as far as the eye can see! Just getting to see things like that made the long bus ride enjoyable for me. Well, that and a good nap!

Once back in Prague we found an Italian restaurant in a part of town we hadn’t explored yet for dinner. The food was wonderful, and after we got to see more of Prague and get lost a little bit. We went into a few stores and eventually ended up in the Jewish quarter of the city.

We arrived a little late in the day so we didn’t get the change to go in and explore but we got information about the tours and what time best time to come visit is.

The day ended with a walk around old town where we stumbled into what looked like an art exhibition and then the tram ride home. It is nice to be back in a city that is familiar because it feels almost like coming home. That’s all from me today! Na Shledanou from Prague!

Jennifer Brown

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