Nearing The Finish Line

Prop Room at the Studio

Day 14 of our adventures in the Czech Republic began bright and early today as we left for the CIEE Study Center shortly after 8 a.m.

When we arrived at the study center, we met up with designer Simona Rybakova for a morning workshop. During the first part of the workshop, Simona shared with us details about her occupation and working in costume design for film and theatre. Two of the many points she made about designing costumes were the ability for costumes to say something without verbal communication as well as the difficulty of being cautious not to repeat designs.

After this brief meeting at the study center, we all traveled to the studio where Simona and her colleagues design and create their costumes. We were able to see costumes being built as well as the massive collection of costumes ready to be worn and used.

We were also able to enter the prop room which seemed to be filled with every type of prop imaginable.

We finished our workshop by the start of the afternoon. As the day moved into the afternoon, the temperature and humidity increased. To escape the unbearable heat, I returned to Hotel Golf with my friends to cool down for the afternoon. When we moved into the evening, I went back into the city with Ian and Carolina and we paid a visit to the Torture Museum. At the museum, we learned about different torture devices used over the centuries in Europe. After the museum, Ian and I met up with Jack and Sarah and had dinner at an Italian restaurant.

All in all, today was another fun and entertaining day in Prague. While I’m saddened that our trip is nearing its conclusion, I’m also looking forward to our last full day tomorrow.

Matt Rohrbach

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