Communism and More Communism

Today we left the dormitory to catch the tram to make it to our lecture about the Prague Spring and the period of normalization that followed it. During this lecture we learned about how young Czech men and woman protested communist rule in the late 1960’s but the Soviet Union came into Prague to suppress the changes that were occurring. Following the suppression the government made it their mission to create pride for their country and normalize communism and this period lasted for another 20 years.

In the afternoon we went to the Communist museum where we were led around by a tour guide. The museum covers communism in Czechoslovakia from the 1940’s to the 1980’s. It covered  everything from art, education, daily life, the army, censorship and the oppression of the people living under the communist state. At the very end of the tour we watched a short movie with reel of different protests that led to the downfall of communist rule in Czechoslovakia. It was another fun and educational day here in the Czech Republic.

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