Perspectives assignment

Photo assignment

One of the aims of this class is to familiarize you to your new environment, Susquehanna’s campus and the town of Selinsgrove. To do this, you will think about and write about several images, then post your photos and thoughts to our class WordPress site. To complete the assignment you will make two separate WordPress posts.

PART ONE: Solo activity

  • Chose two photographs:
    1. a photo that represents a favorite place from your home before Susquehanna
    2. a photo that shows a new favorite place here at SU
  • If you didn’t take the photographs, be sure you have the photographer’s permission to use them.
  • Log in to our class WordPress page. (You will receive an email with a link to click in order activate your user account. Click that link and WordPress will tell you your username and password.)
  • Once you log in, go to the dashboard.
  • From the menu on the left choose “All posts > Add new”
  • Give your post a title
  • Click the “Add Media” button
  • Upload your two photographs (both the photo of your favorite place from before SU, and your favorite place at SU) by dragging them onto the page
  • Click the “Save draft” button on the right side of the page
  • Write at least two paragraphs detailing how each of the places has played a role in the adventure and story of your life. Remember: what’s not in the image(s) may be just as important as what is pictured.
  • Categorize the post as “part 1” by checking the “part 1” box under Categories
  • Click the “Preview” button and proofread your post. If it isn’t perfect, edit it.
  • Once your post is finished, click the blue “Publish” button.
  • Remember: Your post will be on the web for your classmates (and anyone else) to read, so write for a public audience. (You may prefer not to use your full name.)

PART TWO: Group activity

  • You will be assigned to work in a small group, and given three historic photos of Selinsgrove
  • You will then take an adventure together: find the location of the historic image, and take a group selfie that shows how the location looks now.
  • Once you’ve taken your photo, one member of your group should follow the steps above to create a new post that includes
    1. your group photo
    2. a link to the photo of historic Selinsgrove
    3. an explanation of at least two paragraphs
  • Your post should explain:
    1. Why you selected the photo, and what the photo represents
    2. Any interesting/challenging aspects of the adventure you took finding the photo’s location
    3. A discussion of the location’s changes (or lack of changes) over time. Discuss why places change or stay the same, and what change (or lack of change) means for a community.
  • Categorize the post as “part 2” by checking the “part 2” box under Categories
  • Ensure your post includes the first name of everyone in your group.
  • Again, your post will be on the web for your classmates (and anyone else) to read, so write for a public audience. (You may prefer not to use your full name.)


While writing for the web is different than formal academic writing, careful editing and review of your work is important. Clarity of expression will count for part of your grade.


Both posts must be completed by Nov 16.