My Two Favorite Places


imageThis is a picture of my living room back home. The living room is where I like to be besides my bedroom. Its played an important role in both the adventure, and story of my life in various ways. For the most part, it’s where I usually find myself making important decisions regarding school and work. I also like to go there to relax and clear my mind when I’m overwhelmed with anything. Not only is it a safe place for my thoughts and I, but I also spend quality time with my family by playing games, talking or eating.

imageThis is a picture of the Blough-Weis Library’s Apple Room. I work at the library so one of my tasks is to sit, and look over the room while I’m in there. I love being in the Apple Room because I can use that time to work on homework or just watch movies on my laptop. No one hardly goes inside when I’m there, so it’s nice to have time for myself without being distracted by anyone. The room also gives me a cozy feel, reminding me of back home. Just like my living room at home I can come here and remind myself that I’ve made the right decisions so far.

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