At home, my favorite place is the bike path in my yard. I blazed it quite literally through the grass by biking over it again and again. It’s situated at the top of the hill, where, as a young kid, I played imaginary friends and went on endless adventures–so it has a lot of sentimental value to it. My bike path has been there for a few years, now, and I’ve probably gone around it 1,000,000,000 times. I bike all the time at home. It’s when I listen to my music, when I think about my day, when I daydream about things like what I’ll write next. I’ve had some of my best ideas going around the bike path, and it’s kept me sane where I might otherwise have gone insane. Without my bike and my private little trail to blow off steam and spend time alone with myself and my thoughts, I don’t know how I would have ever made it. Plus, somehow, it’s mine alone: that hill and my bikes have been the foundation of my whole self. No one else can imagine what I’ve dreamt of and how fast I’ve gotten my heart to beat up on that hill, in the sun of summer, in the snow of winter, and that’s is why it’s my favorite place.


My favorite place at school, though, is my bed. Which probably sounds pathetic, but hear me out. I have top bunk in a forced triple room, and nighttime is my favorite time to be alive–not because I party, in fact, because of the opposite. Nighttime in my life is when all the good shows come on TV, when writing comes easier and feels more fun, when reading isn’t threatened by an oncoming class. And when I’m up in my top bunk, I feel like I’m sitting in an eagle’s nest. I get to look down on everything going on in the room: my roommates walking around, our fish idiotically slamming their heads into the decorative pebbles, the TV playing the new episode of whatever is on that particular night, and more. It’s like being some kind of guard, like I’m Hawkeye from the Avengers, except I don’t have a bow and arrow to defend the room from evil (unfortunately). On top of all that, while I’m up in top bunk, I know I can unwind and read, write, or crochet what I want, all while enjoying the relative privacy that comes with floating a few feet above everyone else’s heads.

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