Ben, Kristen and Melanie



While our photo is clearly more spirited than the original, it is clear that Governor Snyder’s monument in Selinsgrove hasn’t changed much. The monument is in honour of Governor Simon Snyder, a man for whom Snyder County is named for. He was not born to a rich family, but came to serve as Governor for 3 terms from 1808-1817. His original home on Market Street is now host to Selinsgrove Brewing Pub. The spot was little tricky to find, and also sort of isolated. We, of course, had not come prepared with a selfie stick, and had to chase down the only person we saw in the deserted quad.

We chose this monument because of how much it represents the local community. Clearly, not much if at all has changed in these last couple decades since the monument was erected. Even the fact that Governor Snyder’s house is still standing but has simply evolved into a different use is telling of this town. Perhaps this is because the residents of Selinsgrove feel little need to change. They are content with their town. It is not the fast paced environment of a large city, where change is required to keep up with the latest and greatest. Here, change is not necessary, and that is reflected in the town.

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