Carissa, Jordan, and Isayah

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To be completely honest, the three of selected this photo because we knew where the Railroad Station it was! We also liked this location because we enjoyed the walk along the railroad tracks. The original photo represents the rebuilding of the railroad station after it burned down in 1881. Compared to ours, the photo could represent the change that is necessary over time to keep something up and running. We did our best to recreate the original to try and show the amount of history that is still held in this location today.

Going to the train tracks in town was an adventure itself. I wouldn’t say there were many obstacles or anything super difficult we had to overcome but there were some aspects that made it somewhat of a challenge. Firstly it was very cold and windy outside so the weather personally did not motivate me to go outside. After overcoming the harsh winds we stepped on a lot of those ginkgo berries between Fisher and the sports complex. With every soft pop under our feet, the berries released a repulsive odor. However, when we look past all of these negative factors, we realized the trip itself was a small, enjoyable adventure we could all reflect on. We got to explore a little bit of the town while looking for the train tracks. Also, being somewhat lost brought us together and I now know my two of my classmates a lot more than I did before. Overall, I think we can all agree that this assignment was interesting and it represented a small, worth wild adventure in only a couple hours.

When the original picture was taken in 1881, the station was right next to a corn field. Now, there is not a farm visible from the station, but bunches of houses. Additionally, due to renovations, the building is much more modernized… There is even a grill on the back porch! This change shows that Selinsgrove has become more developed over the century and will probably continue to become more so as the college town grows in population. For the surrounding community, this probably was a gradual change. Therefore, probably not shocking in any way. However, the development of houses probably led to a better costumer base for local businesses. But, without the farm people might have had to travel a little farther to get local produce than they would have with it right next to the station.

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