Favourite Place at Home- Kristen

Optimized-PhotoGrid_1447697271482So the above picture is what occurs when you want to take a picture of your room, but it’s a mess so you crop out the floor. I’d like to say my favourite place in the good old 845 is some beautiful outdoor location that might make me look less like a shut in, but my room is where I feel most comfortable. The walls are my favourite colours and are covered in my favourite things. I’ve been having my friends sign my walls uniquely for the past couple of years, and I’ve amassed some interesting signatures and designs. I don’t know anyone else who goes to bed looking up at a devils trap from supernatural, or at an abstract avatar like character that glows in the dark. There’s also a customized TARDIS with a rose exploding out of it and of course, Olaf, the world’s cutest snowman. It’s a nice thing to be able to go to sleep every night surrounded by reminders of people who love you, which is why I love and miss sleeping in my room at home.

Optimized-20150920_215143Here t Susquehanna, I’ve done my level best to make my bedroom a kind of home away from home. There are abundant amounts of purple because it’s my favourite colour. I hate dim lighting, so I made sure the area around my bed was lit up at all times. And hanging from those lights are pictures of not only my friends from home, but the new friends I make here. My dorm is my favourite place to decompress after a long day, and it exemplifies my personality on a whole. And again, this doesn’t make me seem any less like a shut in, but my favourite thing is often to just be alone and start a new Netflix series. My dorm is the best and coziest place to do just that.

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