My Favorite Place at Home and on Campus (Mikayla)

IMG_0231 (1)

As my favorite place on campus I took a picture of the basement of the library. This is typically my “go-to” place to study when there are no study cubbies open on the first floor of the library. I enjoy the basement of the library because it has a microwave for my easy-mac and ramen (don’t worry, I won’t burn it #smithhall) and also because rumor has it that the basement of the library near the archives is haunted. Personally, I am fascinated by the idea of ghosts and spirits so staying in the basement of the library gives a “thrill” factor to the experience. Maybe, just maybe, I could experience something unexplainable there. Mine-as well ghost hunt a little while studying for finals!

IMG_0180 (1)As my favorite place at home, I took a picture of my living-room. On the couch is my old fart dog, Simon, who claimed the couch as his kingdom solely with the invasion of his shed hair. In the right-hand corner are two guitars. Both my dad and I play guitar so we often have our instruments out in the open in the living-room. The chair next to the guitars was dictated as my dad’s chair (he always steals the foot rest from my mom). He is rarely seen without his guitar in-hand as he sits in that chair since he plays even while watching T.V. …. T.V. that I would sometimes like to hear! In high-school I would sit on the floor between the couch and the coffee table and spread my work out over the coffee table to study and do my home-work. I did not like to study alone in my room (which is in the basement) but rather in the living-room where everyone is since it felt more alive… also, the coffee pot was just in the next room over!

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