Personal Photo Assignment


The place that I chose from my home is called Piazza at Schmidts or The Piazza. This place is full of vintage record stores and cute little art shops that sell paintings and other things that people may have created. There are occasionally concerts here with thousands of people. There was a celebration for the world cup and we all went to watch it on the huge projector in the courtyard. People were there from all over the world visiting and watching the game together. Every time USA made a goal people went crazy with American flags and chants. It’s just a really cool hipster place that gives me good vibes and stuff to do when there’s nothing else to do. There’s almost always a reggae band there in the middle of the place that plays all day on Saturday and I love reggae so that makes it even better.

The place that I picked from campus is my room because this is the place where I spend most of my time. This is my home away from home. I do all of my homework here, I relax and sleep. The things in my room and how I decorated it makes it my own.


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