Personal photo assignment

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So here at Susquehanna, my favorite place is the third floor of Hassinger Hall. It was one of the first places where I have met some of my current Susquehanna friends. That is Ryan, he is on the baseball team here at school. He loves to bat and is a strong pitcher. Everyone socializes her during the late evening. It has definitely become one of my favorite place here on campus!


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My favorite place at home is the Pit Stop carwash. Pit stop has been a philly legend since the 1930’s. A historic philly institution none the less. The best part about it is that my best friend tim (pictured here), it’s his family’s business, and he’s the assistant manager! I always go hey mister assistant manager! Tim has been my friend for years. I miss him and the tons of free carwashes for the google reviews when I am here at school!







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