Group Adventure


Veneranda, Hayli, Rashien and I walked to the Selinsgrove Methodist Episcopal Church. I honestly do not know why we choose this historical mark, but we did. It was not a bad walk, we took University Avenue to Market Street. Once we arrived at the church we did not know how to take the picture with the whole church so we walked across the street into a parking lot to take it. That is why we have such an awkward angled picture. But, supposedly this building has been up since 1908, so this building really shows how old the town is. Methodists severs were there until 1966. After that is was used as a Senior Center for the elders and it is still for that use today.   How the building looked back in the day.



Sean Rodriguez’s favorite places


Nutley Ball Field

This is my favorite place back at home. It is the heart of my town, and it my baseball, and football field. Along with being the soccer, and Lacrosse field. This was were the entire town would gather together and watch all of the sports teams play. This field was the beginning of Baseball career taking off to where I am today, and I am happy to consider this place home.

Susky Ball Field

This is the Susquehanna University baseball field. And this is my favorite place here on campus. This is where my new journey begins and there is much to come. This is my new home, with an entire new team, and family. This field is my get away from work and stress in classes, I get to play baseball and relax and enjoy what I love most.