Isayah’s Pictures


My favorite place here at Susquehanna is in Smith with two of my friends on the football team. Every time I’m there, we all share many laughs and it never seems boring. I guess you could call it my hang out spot because I’m there for the majority of the week. I personally think its nice to have a spot on campus where you can kickback with your friends, maybe watch football, play some call of duty or even just goof off. It’s never too cold because you can turn the heat on and its never too hot cause of the AC, so I’m pretty sure its my favorite because I can really relax and enjoy some good company.


Personally I, believe my room is my favorite part of New York City but I think the subway is the most memorable out of all the things I experience in my area. In this picture here, my mom and I took a selfie cause she told me her hair was on fleek henceforth, I took the selfie. WE were going to my grandparents house and the quickest way is the subway because New York City traffic sucks. I think the subway represents the bone structure of New York City. It connects all five burros in someway and the tracks can most likely get you anywhere you need to go. If I wanna hang out with my friends who live uptown, the subway can easily take me there in sometimes less than 30 minutes. Other than it being crowded with noisy and ignorant tourist, the subway remains to be my favorite place because of how much I use it and how many adventures I’ve had on it with my friends and family.

Gaby, Zaida and Alex


IMG_3511 IMG_3512

Alex, Zaida and I picked this photo because it was honestly the closest one to school. This photo represents how not much in the actual town of Selinsgrove has changed that much, as this building was built in 1875, and still looks the same. The most challenging aspect that we faced was trying to find the actual building as many of the buildings in Selinsgrove look very similar to each other. We also were not sure where we were going so we were essentially just wondering around until we found where we were suppose to be. The changes over time were that the building use to be The George Eby Building, which was a building owned by George Eby and his family, whereas now it is just a salon, so it has changed in that aspect.

gaby van der Westhuizen

My favorite place on campus is Smith lawn. The best memory that I have thus far, is during the Lunar Eclipse when so many people sat out and watched the moon change, and everyone was just chatting and hanging out with each other lying on blankets on laughing, and my friends and I stayed out there until 1am when the whole Eclipse was done. I love when I am walking back from the gym or the library at night and I look up and can see the magnificent stars, they are truly incredible up here. They had bubble soccer one weekend on it, and that was hysterical to watch everyone get knocked down, and I can’t wait to see what other activities they will have throughout the year. During the fall when I arrived to campus I would sit in the adirondack chairs and have lunch and just talk with friends. Now that it’s getting cold, the leaves are falling off the trees which coats the grass is a blanket of leaves. I can’t wait for the winter to see snow on the grass and the trees as I’m sure that will make me fall in love with the lawn even more, and make even more adventures.12105825_879646788791622_8861696960348640426_n

My favorite place back home is our dock, which is on the Magothy River. Whether it is summer, fall, winter, or spring it is never the same scene when you look out onto the water. When our 11 year old golden retriever passed away two years ago we scattered his ashes in the water that we look out onto from our dock, so it also has a lot of meaning to me with that and also being so close to my dog. Growing up I have absolutely loved the water and being outside no matter the weather, I would always be on the dock whether it was 20 degrees or 90 degrees which is Maryland is very possible. I have had so many memories on that water, from tubing and water skiing to sliding across the frozen River. The dock was a place where we took hundreds of pictures before school dances, my friends and I would lie out there for hours and talk about everything, we would bet each other who would jump off the dock at 2am, and we would just lie there and look at the stars. I think I like Smith Lawn so much because it reminds me of the memories that I made on that dock, and I also watched meteor showers and lunar eclipses on that dock, and memories like that are sure to last a lifetime.