Personal Photo Assignment


The place that I chose from my home is called Piazza at Schmidts or The Piazza. This place is full of vintage record stores and cute little art shops that sell paintings and other things that people may have created. There are occasionally concerts here with thousands of people. There was a celebration for the world cup and we all went to watch it on the huge projector in the courtyard. People were there from all over the world visiting and watching the game together. Every time USA made a goal people went crazy with American flags and chants. It’s just a really cool hipster place that gives me good vibes and stuff to do when there’s nothing else to do. There’s almost always a reggae band there in the middle of the place that plays all day on Saturday and I love reggae so that makes it even better.

The place that I picked from campus is my room because this is the place where I spend most of my time. This is my home away from home. I do all of my homework here, I relax and sleep. The things in my room and how I decorated it makes it my own.


Favourite Place at Home- Kristen

Optimized-PhotoGrid_1447697271482So the above picture is what occurs when you want to take a picture of your room, but it’s a mess so you crop out the floor. I’d like to say my favourite place in the good old 845 is some beautiful outdoor location that might make me look less like a shut in, but my room is where I feel most comfortable. The walls are my favourite colours and are covered in my favourite things. I’ve been having my friends sign my walls uniquely for the past couple of years, and I’ve amassed some interesting signatures and designs. I don’t know anyone else who goes to bed looking up at a devils trap from supernatural, or at an abstract avatar like character that glows in the dark. There’s also a customized TARDIS with a rose exploding out of it and of course, Olaf, the world’s cutest snowman. It’s a nice thing to be able to go to sleep every night surrounded by reminders of people who love you, which is why I love and miss sleeping in my room at home.

Optimized-20150920_215143Here t Susquehanna, I’ve done my level best to make my bedroom a kind of home away from home. There are abundant amounts of purple because it’s my favourite colour. I hate dim lighting, so I made sure the area around my bed was lit up at all times. And hanging from those lights are pictures of not only my friends from home, but the new friends I make here. My dorm is my favourite place to decompress after a long day, and it exemplifies my personality on a whole. And again, this doesn’t make me seem any less like a shut in, but my favourite thing is often to just be alone and start a new Netflix series. My dorm is the best and coziest place to do just that.

My Favorite Place at Home and on Campus (Mikayla)

IMG_0231 (1)

As my favorite place on campus I took a picture of the basement of the library. This is typically my “go-to” place to study when there are no study cubbies open on the first floor of the library. I enjoy the basement of the library because it has a microwave for my easy-mac and ramen (don’t worry, I won’t burn it #smithhall) and also because rumor has it that the basement of the library near the archives is haunted. Personally, I am fascinated by the idea of ghosts and spirits so staying in the basement of the library gives a “thrill” factor to the experience. Maybe, just maybe, I could experience something unexplainable there. Mine-as well ghost hunt a little while studying for finals!

IMG_0180 (1)As my favorite place at home, I took a picture of my living-room. On the couch is my old fart dog, Simon, who claimed the couch as his kingdom solely with the invasion of his shed hair. In the right-hand corner are two guitars. Both my dad and I play guitar so we often have our instruments out in the open in the living-room. The chair next to the guitars was dictated as my dad’s chair (he always steals the foot rest from my mom). He is rarely seen without his guitar in-hand as he sits in that chair since he plays even while watching T.V. …. T.V. that I would sometimes like to hear! In high-school I would sit on the floor between the couch and the coffee table and spread my work out over the coffee table to study and do my home-work. I did not like to study alone in my room (which is in the basement) but rather in the living-room where everyone is since it felt more alive… also, the coffee pot was just in the next room over!

My Two Favorite Places

This is a photo of one of my favorite places at Susquehanna. It is a hill located just above the softball fields. The hill is a great place to go when I need to relax by myself, or go stargazing with friends. It's always nice to get away from all the stress of college life and be able to relax by watching the sun set.
This is a photo of one of my favorite places at Susquehanna. It is a hill located just above the softball fields. The hill is a great place to go either to relax by myself, or to go stargazing with friends. It’s always nice to get away from all the stress of college life and be able to relax by watching the sun set.
My second picture is of my piano in my bedroom. This is by far one of my favorite places to be back home. Music has been apart of my life for as long as I can remember. Whether it's writing new music, or just playing some chords, music has always been apart of my long-long adventure.
My second picture is of my piano in my bedroom. This is by far one of my favorite places to be back home. Music has been apart of my life for as long as I can remember. Whether it’s writing new music, or just playing some chords, music has always been apart of my long-long adventure.

Isayah’s Pictures


My favorite place here at Susquehanna is in Smith with two of my friends on the football team. Every time I’m there, we all share many laughs and it never seems boring. I guess you could call it my hang out spot because I’m there for the majority of the week. I personally think its nice to have a spot on campus where you can kickback with your friends, maybe watch football, play some call of duty or even just goof off. It’s never too cold because you can turn the heat on and its never too hot cause of the AC, so I’m pretty sure its my favorite because I can really relax and enjoy some good company.


Personally I, believe my room is my favorite part of New York City but I think the subway is the most memorable out of all the things I experience in my area. In this picture here, my mom and I took a selfie cause she told me her hair was on fleek henceforth, I took the selfie. WE were going to my grandparents house and the quickest way is the subway because New York City traffic sucks. I think the subway represents the bone structure of New York City. It connects all five burros in someway and the tracks can most likely get you anywhere you need to go. If I wanna hang out with my friends who live uptown, the subway can easily take me there in sometimes less than 30 minutes. Other than it being crowded with noisy and ignorant tourist, the subway remains to be my favorite place because of how much I use it and how many adventures I’ve had on it with my friends and family.


At home, my favorite place is the bike path in my yard. I blazed it quite literally through the grass by biking over it again and again. It’s situated at the top of the hill, where, as a young kid, I played imaginary friends and went on endless adventures–so it has a lot of sentimental value to it. My bike path has been there for a few years, now, and I’ve probably gone around it 1,000,000,000 times. I bike all the time at home. It’s when I listen to my music, when I think about my day, when I daydream about things like what I’ll write next. I’ve had some of my best ideas going around the bike path, and it’s kept me sane where I might otherwise have gone insane. Without my bike and my private little trail to blow off steam and spend time alone with myself and my thoughts, I don’t know how I would have ever made it. Plus, somehow, it’s mine alone: that hill and my bikes have been the foundation of my whole self. No one else can imagine what I’ve dreamt of and how fast I’ve gotten my heart to beat up on that hill, in the sun of summer, in the snow of winter, and that’s is why it’s my favorite place.


My favorite place at school, though, is my bed. Which probably sounds pathetic, but hear me out. I have top bunk in a forced triple room, and nighttime is my favorite time to be alive–not because I party, in fact, because of the opposite. Nighttime in my life is when all the good shows come on TV, when writing comes easier and feels more fun, when reading isn’t threatened by an oncoming class. And when I’m up in my top bunk, I feel like I’m sitting in an eagle’s nest. I get to look down on everything going on in the room: my roommates walking around, our fish idiotically slamming their heads into the decorative pebbles, the TV playing the new episode of whatever is on that particular night, and more. It’s like being some kind of guard, like I’m Hawkeye from the Avengers, except I don’t have a bow and arrow to defend the room from evil (unfortunately). On top of all that, while I’m up in top bunk, I know I can unwind and read, write, or crochet what I want, all while enjoying the relative privacy that comes with floating a few feet above everyone else’s heads.

Personal photo assignment

IMG_0532 2


So here at Susquehanna, my favorite place is the third floor of Hassinger Hall. It was one of the first places where I have met some of my current Susquehanna friends. That is Ryan, he is on the baseball team here at school. He loves to bat and is a strong pitcher. Everyone socializes her during the late evening. It has definitely become one of my favorite place here on campus!


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My favorite place at home is the Pit Stop carwash. Pit stop has been a philly legend since the 1930’s. A historic philly institution none the less. The best part about it is that my best friend tim (pictured here), it’s his family’s business, and he’s the assistant manager! I always go hey mister assistant manager! Tim has been my friend for years. I miss him and the tons of free carwashes for the google reviews when I am here at school!







My Favorite Places


This photo is of the Delaware River in Bristol, PA.  Whenever I was stressed out or needed to be myself I would visit this place. The river is about a five minute walk from my house. There is never a lot of people in this area and it was the perfect place to clear my mind. Sometimes I would come here with a few of my friends to have deep conversations about whatever was on our minds. image1 (1)

This is a photo of the library here at Susquehanna. The library is a quiet place where I can relax and study. I am at the library almost every day besides on the weekends. Also, being at the library helps me stay focused on my work and helps me clear my mind. I enjoy sitting in the study rooms/pods and in the lounge area.

Sean Rodriguez’s favorite places


Nutley Ball Field

This is my favorite place back at home. It is the heart of my town, and it my baseball, and football field. Along with being the soccer, and Lacrosse field. This was were the entire town would gather together and watch all of the sports teams play. This field was the beginning of Baseball career taking off to where I am today, and I am happy to consider this place home.

Susky Ball Field

This is the Susquehanna University baseball field. And this is my favorite place here on campus. This is where my new journey begins and there is much to come. This is my new home, with an entire new team, and family. This field is my get away from work and stress in classes, I get to play baseball and relax and enjoy what I love most.

My Two Favorite Places


imageThis is a picture of my living room back home. The living room is where I like to be besides my bedroom. Its played an important role in both the adventure, and story of my life in various ways. For the most part, it’s where I usually find myself making important decisions regarding school and work. I also like to go there to relax and clear my mind when I’m overwhelmed with anything. Not only is it a safe place for my thoughts and I, but I also spend quality time with my family by playing games, talking or eating.

imageThis is a picture of the Blough-Weis Library’s Apple Room. I work at the library so one of my tasks is to sit, and look over the room while I’m in there. I love being in the Apple Room because I can use that time to work on homework or just watch movies on my laptop. No one hardly goes inside when I’m there, so it’s nice to have time for myself without being distracted by anyone. The room also gives me a cozy feel, reminding me of back home. Just like my living room at home I can come here and remind myself that I’ve made the right decisions so far.