My favorite places on Campus and Home


This is a picture of Cunningham Center of Music and Arts during the winter. I spend most of my time their either practicing, in class, or simply laughing with my friends. The amount of time I spend in this building is extraordinary and I feel at home surrounded by the amount of music being produced. I have spent countless of late nights either jamming with my friends and practicing. At the end of the day, it is rather nice to write some music after a stressful day in Cunningham.





This is a picture of my backyard at my house. Rain or shine, my backyard will always be filled with people hanging out, laughing about something, or just enjoy the night sky. I remember staying up all night just enjoying the company of my friends, fire, and food. When I’m home on breaks I always go and sit on the swing to just remember all the great times I have spent with my friends and the urge to create many more.

gaby van der Westhuizen

My favorite place on campus is Smith lawn. The best memory that I have thus far, is during the Lunar Eclipse when so many people sat out and watched the moon change, and everyone was just chatting and hanging out with each other lying on blankets on laughing, and my friends and I stayed out there until 1am when the whole Eclipse was done. I love when I am walking back from the gym or the library at night and I look up and can see the magnificent stars, they are truly incredible up here. They had bubble soccer one weekend on it, and that was hysterical to watch everyone get knocked down, and I can’t wait to see what other activities they will have throughout the year. During the fall when I arrived to campus I would sit in the adirondack chairs and have lunch and just talk with friends. Now that it’s getting cold, the leaves are falling off the trees which coats the grass is a blanket of leaves. I can’t wait for the winter to see snow on the grass and the trees as I’m sure that will make me fall in love with the lawn even more, and make even more adventures.12105825_879646788791622_8861696960348640426_n

My favorite place back home is our dock, which is on the Magothy River. Whether it is summer, fall, winter, or spring it is never the same scene when you look out onto the water. When our 11 year old golden retriever passed away two years ago we scattered his ashes in the water that we look out onto from our dock, so it also has a lot of meaning to me with that and also being so close to my dog. Growing up I have absolutely loved the water and being outside no matter the weather, I would always be on the dock whether it was 20 degrees or 90 degrees which is Maryland is very possible. I have had so many memories on that water, from tubing and water skiing to sliding across the frozen River. The dock was a place where we took hundreds of pictures before school dances, my friends and I would lie out there for hours and talk about everything, we would bet each other who would jump off the dock at 2am, and we would just lie there and look at the stars. I think I like Smith Lawn so much because it reminds me of the memories that I made on that dock, and I also watched meteor showers and lunar eclipses on that dock, and memories like that are sure to last a lifetime.


My Favorite Places

Favorite place- SU

This first photo is of my favorite place to spend time here at Susquehanna. It is the keyboard room in the percussion studio which is located in CCMA. As a music education major, I spend a lot of time in CCMA, but this particular room has been where a good amount of that time is spent. It is where is practice, where I have lessons, and where I share fun times with my fellow percussionists before band and orchestra rehearsals. The studio is also a place for me to sort of escape from the craziness from my “regular” academic work. I always find it relieving to go and play some of my favorite pieces just for fun. The window is also pretty great as it covers one entire wall, right in front of my favorite instrument, the marimba (pictured), so I can enjoy the beauty of nature from indoors while being productive.

Favorite Place-Home

This photo is of Bullfrog Valley Park, and more specifically the Jonathan Eshenour Memorial Trail in Hummelstown, PA. When I first moved to the Hershey/Harrisburg area, my family got a a puppy which was fantastic. Of course, we had to take her for walks, but the road I live on has no shoulder, so it was not safe for a puppy. So, I started to take her for runs on this trail which is only a few minutes from my house. The beauty of it grew on me and it has become a place of joy and relaxation for me over the past four years. I think it will always be one of my favorite places to spend time whenever I go home.

Alex’s Photos


The top photo is my favorite place here at Susquehanna. I run along the river almost everyday, which keeps me active, prevents the freshman fifteen, and serves as a good break to the academic grind. This spot is my halfway point, so I always stop for a couple of minutes to stretch and enjoy the nature. It is very peaceful and an ideal way to break up the struggle of running. I am starting to train for a marathon in the Spring so I will probably be spending a lot of time here!



The second photo is a picture of my chair back home. Sitting in comfortably is one of the simple pleasures I miss from home. During Fall Break, I realized that life just feels a lot more relaxing in a plush recliner in my room rather than a cheap lawn chair in my dorm. As much as I love Susquehanna and college life, I miss being able to be around my family, not do anything productive, and sit in a comfortable chair that doesn’t have the strange scent of the Aikens common room.